Cats surprised

Cats surprised

Cats :

  • This is most often the first to arrive has the advantage, for example during meals;
  • Prerogatives have two cats in the same area, but not at the same times of the day;
  • Two cats sleep and eat together;

The cohesion of a group of animals can be enhanced by the formation of bonds or preferred associations between pairs of individuals (« emotional relationships », if you want to use anthropomorphic terminology).

Preferential association is formed when the two animals concerned spend more time together (distance less than the distance between individuals of the group).

This type of relationship is between mother and small and kittens from the litter, but generally disappears then.

This tendency to establish preferential relations is very strong dogs and are a key factor in the stability of the group (info).

A cat called « active » invaded the territory of the cat « passive » (persecutor-victim relationship). We can not speak of dominance hierarchy where an individual has all the powers.

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