Game of Thrones opening sung by a cat

On the continent of Westeros, King Robert Baratheon reign over the Kingdom of the Seven Kingdoms since he led to victory the rebellion against the mad king Aerys Targaryen II, seventeen years earlier. His guide and chief advisor, Jon Arryn, just died, he left the northern kingdom ask his old friend Eddard Stark, overlord North House Stark, their late mentor replace the position of « King’s hand « . Eddard, unwilling to leave his land, reluctantly agrees to go to court with her two daughters, while Jon Snow, the bastard son, is preparing to integrate the famous Night Guard: brotherhood protecting the kingdom for centuries the north, and of every creature that can come from beyond the shield Wall. But just before leaving for the South, Bran, a young son of Eddard, made a discovery while climbing a tower which will result Winterfell unintended consequences …
At the same time, on the mainland east Viserys Targaryen heir « legitimate » in exile and the Seven Kingdoms son of Aerys, plans to marry his younger sister Daenerys to Drogo, the leader of a powerful horde of nomadic horsemen to to make allies to reconquer the kingdom. But Viserys is almost as mentally unstable as his father.

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