Got ass ?

Got ass ?

What are men attractive in a woman, they are plump and firm butt. Why? Biological response: Know first that the buttocks of women differ from those of other primates. In fact, they are « visible » in appearance bounced continuously. In primates, ass are much more visible when the female is ready to mate. Men are the only primates to perform a sexual act face to face. Other primates, males always approach from the rear and females during the breeding primates have their hindquarters that swell and blushed. This is a clear signal for the buck. It is this which is the biological origin of the attraction of the male sex to female ass.

Wearing tight jeans can emphasize the buttocks and give them a firm and round. Add to that high-heeled shoes that give back some camber and enhance the buttocks, and we see appear a lame undoubtedly attracts the attention of men. Marilyn Moroe was also known for removing 2 cm of his left heel to give greater scope to the lame. An additional advantage of seduction.

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