Real manga girls

Real manga girls

A manga is a Japanese comic. The word « manga » is often used improperly to refer, by extension, a non-Japanese comics respecting the codes of popular Japanese productions or to appoint other visual products reminiscent of some of these comics (cartoons, graphic style, etc.).

One thing to note is that most of the characters often have traits western beyond the simple layout of the eyes of the characters. A red samurai, exorcist blue eyes or blond schoolgirl have surprising for Japanese readers, even if they are supposed to be Japanese or Japanese culture. Simply need to distinguish physically between two characters is not always enough to explain this aspect of the narrative, as some mangaka choose to give all their characters a purely Japanese, although this does not pose a problem for the understanding of the history . Some see it as a way to show an attraction to the West, which is also widely in daily life in Japan.

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