Sexy Mortal Kombat cosplay

Sexy Mortal Kombat cosplay


SHAO KAHN killed when the King of EDENIA Jerrod and seized the throne, he took as his wife and daughter Kitana SINDEL. The latter was raised by Kahn as his own daughter, but he feared it one day learn the truth about the identity of his real father. Kahn then asked SHANG TSUNG to create a clone of Kitana using blood Tarkatan: Mileena nacquit. However, a genetic alteration that changed his mouth a female Tarkatan, making hideous. Initially created to replace Kitana, Mileena had a new mission: to monitor the actions of the princess and make sure it never discovers the truth.
Unfortunately, Kitana managed to discover the truth but always pretended allegiance to Kahn, waiting for the right moment to rebel. When he discovered that the princess plotted with the Earthrealm warriors, Mileena Kahn sent to kill her, but Kitana took over and killed her « twin sister », the latter being found at NetherRealm for his actions.

In this realm, Mileena feeds more intense hatred towards Kitana. This aggressiveness accosted Shinnok, the owner, and he decided to enlist in its ranks Mileena. She and Noob Saibot were sent to spy on Earthrealm’s actions during Kahn’s invasion. Kahn defeated, the way was open for Shinnok to begin his invasion of the Realms, starting with Edenia. Mileena fought alongside until his defeat Shinnok, after which she lives imprisoned in the dungeons of Edenia Kitana by himself.

Years passed during which Mileena remained imprisoned until the day BARAKA, working for Onaga, the found and freed. The Tarkatan explained his coming: his new master, the Dragon King was resurrected and eliminated the Earthrealm warriors, including Kitana. Not to arouse suspicions about the disappearance of the last thought of Onaga Mileena to replace the head of the armies of Edenia.

Taking to heart his role initially Mileena subsequently decided to betray Onaga and use this army for its own purposes. She decided to go to assault the fortress of Kahn, she managed to take seizing the throne at the same time. Empress of thinking is only now Outworld, Mileena had little time to enjoy it as Shao Kahn, Goro and accompanied by Shang Tsung, joined forces to help the first to recover his throne precisely. Which do not stand up to the trio, Mileena went and swore allegiance to Kahn again.

For his first mission, Kahn ordered his « daughter » to capture Shujinko to use it to buy the trust of Onaga. Once his mission accomplished, Mileena considered that its role as a pawn, she carried for so many years, had to stop. OUTWORLD being unattainable, decided to return to Mileena Edenia to try to conquer. But before that, the battle of Armageddon approaching, Mileena joined the Forces of Darkness in the hope of gaining power BLAZE for it. However, as she was killed almost all the fighters present.

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