Vampire Cat Busted

Vampire Cat Busted

The cat-vampire Nabeshima is a Japanese legend featuring a cat that absorbs the blood of a female victim and then usurps his identity to seduce the man in love with the girl. This legend is part of broader thematic cat in Japan, which is dedicated animal folklore important in this country.

Toyo O is the most beautiful woman who is of the Empire and is the favorite of the Prince of Hizen Nabeshima. O Toyo’s sleep is regularly disturbed by the dream of a big cat who watches. One night, she wakes up with a start, she sees two phosphorescent eyes that watch. Terrified, she can not utter a word or call for help. A huge black cat jumps him by the throat and strangles. He drags the corpse of the favorite to the garden and buried. Then back to the room, he takes the physical appearance of the one he has just killed.
Nabeshima himself is not aware of metamorphosis as the new Toyo O resembles the old. While he continues to attend the false O Toyo, the prince falls ill and his face is pale, he feels perpetually immense fatigue. His body bears no injury. The doctors called to his bedside, talking about « languor » without being able to make more accurate diagnosis. Evil is worse: the prince horrible nightmares that he does not remember the next day. His reason falters. The princess, his wife, decides to ensure by armed men.
Every night, all the men posted to guard asleep at the same time. The young soldier Ito Soda shyly introduces herself and asks permission to take care of the prince that he holds in high esteem. The next night, Ito Soda among the guards protect the prince surrounding his bed. He sees his comrades surrender to sleep one by one and itself has heavy eyelids. He cut his knee with his dagger so that takes the pain awake. Whenever he numbs it moves the knife in the wound and managed to keep my eyes open.
Suddenly the doors of the rest room or the prince glide silently. A woman of great beauty enters the room, the brave young man recognizes O Toyo. Fluid with the flexibility of a cat, she slips between the guards and approached the prince asleep. Ito Soda stands and stands between the woman and the prince. It is the same every time the lady wants to come too close to the layer which rests Nabeshima. At dawn, the woman disappears.
The soldier is his report: it is warmly welcomed, especially for the first time in years, the Prince feels rested. The next night, Ito Soda is still on duty. The ride repeats itself but it still prevents the beautiful woman approached the prince. The following nights, she never returns. The guards stay awake. Prince regains its strength. The whole palace is celebrating.
Ito Soda submits that it has not finished its task. He announced to O Toyo he brings a message of the Prince and as she opened the letter, the warrior draws his sword and cuts off his head. Lying on the ground, not the body of a young woman, but the severed head, a big black cat. The cat-vampire, night after night, just drink the blood of the prince. Another version of the legend says that the cat escaped into the mountains, and he was killed during a hunt organized by the prince healed.

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